You know your agency needs to be on social media, but how do you bring more awareness to your agency once you are on social media?

The best, easiest and cheapest way to promote your agency’s social media efforts is to have your employees engage with your agency’s various social media sites.

AgencyEvolved has developed a new, free guide to Social Media Best Practices for insurance agency employees.

The guide covers:

  • The impact employees can have on your agency’s social media efforts.
  • How to like and share Facebook posts.
  • How to share your agency’s Facebook page.
  • What to post on your agency’s Facebook page.
  • The importance of photos and images on Facebook and how to “tag”
  • The importance of a LinkedIn profile, what to include, or not include, on your profile.
  • How to follow your agency’s LinkedIn Page and how to share articles
  • How to customize your Facebook profile URL
  • Twitter do’s and don’ts. Favoriting and retweeting.
  • Google+ engagement
  • And more…

The guide is written in clear, simple language and is illustrated to make the concepts easy to learn and understand. Click the icon below to download your free copy of the AgencyEvolved Social Media Best Practices.



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