The traditional generalist is becoming a rare commodity. More and more, people are specializing. In business, arts, sports, you name it.

There are fewer general practitioner doctors and surgeons these days. A while back I met an eye surgeon and asked him about corneal implants (I had a relative getting one at the time). He didn’t know much about them because he specialized only in surgeries on the back of the eye!

There are baseball pitchers making millions of dollars who do only one thing: pitch one inning throwing 100mph fastballs.

Computer programmers used to work in multiple programming languages, now most are well-versed in only one language.

Why is this? The modern age allows for it, and requires it. As our knowledge of the physical world expands, the ability for any one person to know much about all of it disappears.

The business world is no different, and the insurance industry is increasingly heading down the same path. Many agencies specialize in only one line of coverage, or one industry. Some agencies may still be generalists, but if you think about it, they are usually specializing in a geographic area.

Marketing firms are no different. No single marketing firm can be experts in every industry. It’s tough enough to follow just one industry.

If you needed surgery on the back of you eye, I’m sure you’d want to see the eye surgeon I mentioned earlier.

If you want to help your agency grow through consistent, evolved marketing techniques you need a specialist in the insurance industry. AgencyEvolved is that expert. We can help.


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AgencyEvolved is an outsourced marketing firm, dedicated to insurance agents and brokers. Founded by two insurance industry veterans, our mission is to help insurance agencies evolve by creating long-term growth and value through strategic marketing.

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