Email marketing can be one of the most effective and cost efficient ways to market to your existing and potential clients. Here’s a quick list of tips.

1.) Don’t Spam

Make sure everyone on your list asked to be on it, and give them a simple way to get off of it.

Spam is a huge problem. No one likes having their in-box cluttered with emails they didn’t ask to receive.

For your existing clients, it’s probably ok to include them on your email list since there is an existing relationship there, but don’t take it personally if they unsubscribe. Make it a practice for your agents and CSR’s to ask for new client’s emails and make sure you tell them you will be adding them to your Email Newsletter.

Prospective clients are a little trickier. If you’re talking to them and they give you their card (or tell you their email address) simply ask them if they’d mind if you added them to your newsletter list. Most will probably say yes. If you exhibit at an event, you can ask for business cards for a drawing, but make sure you have a sign somewhere noting that you’ll also add them to your email newsletter. Give them the option of writing “No Newsletter” on their card if they don’t want to be added.

Do not buy a list of emails and expect that those individuals will want to be added to your newsletter list. If you do, you’re a spammer.

2.) Format your emails for Success

Include some professional, attention-getting images. Emails, blog posts and social media posts with images always perform better than those without.

Keep it short and simple – no one wants to get a book by email. If you are offering up a larger article, give a brief synopsis and then link to the full article.

Make it personal. Try to include a personal message from a staff member or agency principal with each email.

Have the “From” and “Reply To” be from a real person. Getting an email newsletter from is much less personal than

3.) Take care of “when” you send your email newsletter

An email newsletter sent late on a Sunday night or early on a Monday morning become part of the “Monday inbox clutter”. Most people come into the office on Monday morning and then spend 10 minutes ruthlessly deleting all the spam that accumulated over the weekend. You don’t want your email newsletter to be part of the Monday purge.  Likewise, late in the day on a Friday is also unlikely to be read. For business prospects, late morning or early afternoon on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday would be ideal. For consumers, you might consider a Saturday morning email or early evening during the week.

4) Track your emails

Tools are available to track how many people receive your email, how many view it, and how many click on links in your email. This is all useful information that can help you hone in on the effectiveness of your email marketing for your specific audience.

Getting successful results from Email Marketing can be a challenge. AgencyEvolved can help. Email marketing is just one of the many services we provide our clients.

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