For the last three plus years, we’ve operated as a concierge, all-inclusive service helping insurance agencies with all aspects of their marketing. In order to expand our offerings and increase the number of agencies we are able to work with, we’ll now be offering our services a la carte. In order to do this we have, in some cases, partnered with the best to provide these services and in other cases we’re using new best of breed tools. Each of these services can be signed up for individually, or we’d be happy to work with you to put together a package of services.

Here’s a brief overview of the insurance agency marketing services available from AgencyEvolved.

Social Media Posting

We’ll post to your social media sites for you. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Company Page and Google+. If you are currently not using any of these services, we’ll also create the page for you. Two options are available: 2 posts per week and 4 posts per week. During the on-boarding process we’ll learn about your agency and your target client demographic to make sure we’re posting information that is relevant and of interest to your clients and prospects.

Reputation Management

This is fast becoming one of the most important aspects of our new online reality. How your information appears online (is it accurate and complete?) and what people are saying about you are critical to finding new clients. We offer a variety of plans from making sure your online listings are accurate, to monitoring all review sites for mentions of your company and responding to them quickly.

Review Generation

This goes hand in hand with Reputation Management. Our review generation system will contact your clients and ask them to give you a review. If it’s a negative review, it will be stored in your dashboard for you to review and respond privately. If it’s a positive review, they will be posted on Google Maps or Facebook.

Website Design and Hosting

We build beautiful, mobile-friendly, search engine optimized websites. We now have plans for every budget, from simple three page websites that create a professional presence to fully customized websites that really show off your capabilities and staff.


Videos drive traffic, there’s no doubt about that. Sites with videos are more likely to appear higher in search results and customers who watch a video are 70% more likely to purchase. We offer compelling 60 second videos highlighting your agency or a product/industry you specialize in.

Mobile Apps

While the websites we build are mobile friendly (responsive design), we can also offer stand-alone mobile apps that can be downloaded from the app stores at Apple and Google.

Customer Engagement with Audit Trail

We offer a suite of customer engagement tools for website. Whether it’s your existing website, or one we design for you. These services include:  client contact forms, Live Chat, and appointment scheduling. The best part is that all the interactions with your client are stored in a database and you will have access to a portal to see anything sent from/to your client. Live Chats are recorded and retrievable at any time, as are the contents of any forms completed. We also offer a Chatbot! Your client or prospects can ask a question on your website and instantly receive a programmed text with the results. Perfect for directions, sending a list of insurance company websites, etc.

Content Creation

We can help you create blog articles, client emails or letters, and marketing pieces. Having modern, professional collateral to use in your sales process is a must.

SEO Network

A completely new service that we’ve partnered with, the SEO Network will create blog articles loaded with keywords you choose and then get these articles published and linked to from a variety of high quality sites, improving your search engine positioning for those keywords. The service includes a portal for you to log into and see how your rankings are improving. No more wondering if its working, you’ll have concrete proof.

Client Email Marketing

Whether its to educate, improve your relationships or to cross-sell, client email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your existing clients and prospects. We’ve partnered with Constant Contact for the technology back-end of our service and we’ll work with you to create your client emails. We also offer client surveys, event management and “drip” (automated) email campaigns.

Digital Advertising

We’ve revamped our digital advertising offerings and can offer Google AdWords or Facebook advertising. The new platform features the latest technologies – automated bidding and keyword selection and techniques such as geo-fencing and landing pages that convert. A portal is also available to you so you can see your results. If your agency knows its customer acquisition costs and close ratios, the system will even calculate the ROI of your campaigns for you!

Design Services

Whether its for print or online, we can help your improve your image with professional design services. We’ve designed logos, letterhead and business cards, insurance agency brochures, product sell-sheets, display booths, online and print ads. We offer these on a per project basis.

Personal Branding

This new service is geared toward individual producers/agents. Whether they tell you about it or not, your prospects are researching you online before they do business with you. How do you appear online? We’ll work with you to craft a powerful, professional online image using LinkedIn and other social sites.

We’re excited to offer these new services and can’t wait to work with you! To learn more, visit our Services page at:  or Contact Us today to get started.

About AgencyEvolved

AgencyEvolved is a comprehensive marketing service for the insurance industry. We help insurance professionals evolve by creating long-term growth and value through strategic marketing.

We work with insurance agencies, insurance wholesalers, insurance industry organizations, insurance companies, insurance networks and aggregators and other companies or organizations serving the insurance industry.

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