PDI is predominantly a wholesale insurance broker who specializes in one line of business. Their previous website did a good job of showing their subject matter expertise, but the content did not lend itself well to PDI being indexed in search engines and displaying prominently when searching for a wholesaler.

PDI’s existing logo had a decent overall design, but was looking a little dated and didn’t reproduce well in all formats.


We updated PDI’s logo, maintaining the same look and feel, while giving it a more modern, streamlined appearance. The website was completely redone with a modern look that emphasized PDI’s role as a leading wholesaler of insurance for design professionals. Additionally, the website content was reworked to not only demonstrate their expertise but also be keyword friendly for search engine optimization. Social media sites were updated to reflect the new look and feel of the website and logo. A content strategy was also put into place to appeal more to PDI’s primary client – retail insurance agents.