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Partner With AgencyEvolved

We’re on a mission to reach as many insurance agencies and insurance wholesalers as possible to help them evolve their business through creative marketing.

In order to do that, we’re looking to partner with agent associations or other businesses serving the insurance industry.

In exchange for your help in getting the message out, we’re willing to offer your members, clients or agency force a discount off our published rates.


Benefits of Partnering

Member organizations, wholesalers, insurance carriers, and other industry businesses are all struggling to distinguish themselves and provide value to their agency force. Online presence and marketing is a hot-topic issue that everyone is struggling with. By partnering with AgencyEvolved, you can bring your members value and clarity, and have an extra incentive for membership or to do business with you. See our Services Page for a complete listing of available services.

Who We’re Looking to Partner With

Anyone who has a base of insurance agents as members or clients. This might include:

  • National Insurance Agent Organizations
  • State Insurance Agent Organizations
  • Insurance Carriers
  • Insurance Regulators
  • Specialty Lines Organizations
  • Wholesale Insurance Agencies
  • Claims Adjusting Firms
  • Glass Companies
  • Industry Publications

What We Offer

We’ll negotiate to offer your Association an assortment of the following:

Discounts off our published rates

A co-branded online portal detailing the services you are bringing to your members/clients

Marketing materials to promote the services

In lieu of discounts, we can offer your organization a “commission”

Newsletter content/articles on digital marketing

Hosted webinars promoting the services available to your members

We’ll verify new clients’ membership/renewal with you before giving them a discount

What You’ll Have to Do

Designate a liaison who will learn our products and be a point of contact with your organization

Promote our products to your members, clients, or agency force through:

  • Newsletters
  • Emails
  • Website
  • Events

Generate at least 5 new clients for us per year