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Personal Branding

Your employer most likely spends a considerable amount of money promoting their brand and image, but they aren’t necessarily doing it with you in mind. Today’s savvy consumers will “google” anyone they are doing business with first, and how your online brand is represented will impact their willingness to do business with you.

As a producer or executive, your individual brand is arguably the most important thing to you. AgencyEvolved Personal Branding service is designed for you. We’re not going to go through your wardrobe with you, we’ll leave that to personal shoppers and image consultants, but we will make sure your online brand shines through and reflects the level of integrity and professionalism you strive to achieve. Personal Reputation Management is something everyone needs to be concerned with.


Your Executive or Producer Online Makeover will include:

  • Scouring the web for any existing mentions of you and point out any that could be deleted or addressed
  • Give your personal LinkedIn profile a complete “makeover”, letting your competence and professionalism shine through,
  • Give you training on on how to effectively use LinkedIn for prospecting and client retention.
  • Give you training on authoring content that you can publish to LinkedIn, further establishing your expertise.
  • Suggest any changes to your other personal social media accounts that might be accessible by the public.
  • Create alerts to let you know whenever you are mentioned online.
  • Create a “personal branding statement” that you can use for your online profiles and with prospects offline.

Pricing is based on a reasonable one-time fee.

While our main focus is serving the insurance industry, AgencyEvolved Personal Branding service is open to professionals from all walks of life, including real estate agents, accountants, bankers and other financial services professionals.