Web Design Services for an attractive and user-friendly site

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AgencyEvolved Web Design Services helps your business grow by doing the following:

Deliver a website experience your visitors will love:

94% of consumers view website design as the reason they trust or reject a website. If your visitors do not trust you, they will not do business with you. AgencyEvolved develops websites that build credibility and help your business stand out using the latest design technology.

Make your website responsive:

More than half of all Internet activity is on mobile devices. Your website should be responsive and able to adapt to any device, regardless of size. We will make your website responsive across all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Deliver an awesome user-experience:

Make it easy for website users to navigate your website. If it is too difficult for your users to get what they want, you will have high bounce rates and low conversions. AgencyEvolved will make your website user-friendly so that it’s easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for.

Website Design

AgencyEvolved websites are built to modern standards with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind.

Features include:

Modern responsive design. Your website will look great regardless of the device (desktop, tablet, phone) it’s viewed on.

Secure architecture. All sites come standard with an SSL certificate included.

No templates. AgencyEvolved builds your website from scratch, with content, images and layout that match your business.

Forms included. We’ll build custom forms for you to collect information from your clients and prospects.

SEO Optimization – We use modern tools to make sure your website is optimized and submitted to the major search engines.

Licensed imagery. We only use images that are licensed. We subscribe to a high-quality source of images. No clip art.

Product Specific Landing Pages – AgencyEvolved will create a landing page for each line of business and/or industry you specialize in.

Custom Content. We create the content for your website from scratch. We do not use a database of “content”. Your content will be unique.


Website Hosting

AgencyEvolved websites are hosted on modern servers with advanced architecture. Features include:

SSL certificates included for every website

Weekly, rotating backups

Data Center Details

  • 24/7 Onsite Security
  • UPS Power Backup
  • 24 hour Backup Generator
  • State of the art cooling, heating and humidity control systems
  • Fire detection and suppression systems
  • Centralized monitoring system

Data Network Detail

  • Top of the line Juniper Hardware
  • IP connectivity to 5 different Tier 1 and Tier 2 data networks

Website Extras

Contact/Quote Request Forms

Add interactive forms to your website in minutes. Solicit leads, gather feedback, conduct surveys, and more. The form console allows you to easily create and modify your forms, view all your forms in one place and it allows you to view all form responses in the included CRM system. No more missed emails and lost opportunities.

Live Chat

77% of consumers believe Live Chat improves a business’s reputation. Live Chat gives you convenient configurations and the ability to customize various aspects of your staff’s online interactions, making Chat communication as efficient as ever.

Appointment Booking

Today’s consumers are used to setting appointments online, at times that are convenient to them. Why not allow them to schedule consultations with your staff online? Appointment Booking allows you to offer customers a simple widget that makes picking services, times and staff easy and convenient. It also allows you to receive instant client feedback following the end of an appointment.


Sometimes, your clients just want a quick answer. Where do I pay my bill? How do I file a claim? What’s the roadside assistance number for my company? The ChatBot website widget turns your client’s phone into an information source for your agency. Your client can enter simple questions, and an automated intelligent bot will text them the answers. Questions and answers can be customized for your company.

Review Widget (display reviews on website)

Your customers are your best advocates. Showcase the reviews, testimonials and ratings that make you shine and increase website conversions.

60 Second Videos

When it comes to marketing and advertising for your business, 60 second videos can help. Videos are a simple but exciting way to introduce your company, along with your goals and achievements, as well as feature your products and expertise. You can even share these videos on social media to really make an impact and draw more attention to your insurance organization.

Mobile App

With the mobile app industry expected to reach heights of over $100 billion in the next few years, more and more businesses are adding this technology to their repertoire. There’s a need to engage with consumers and having an app to do so improves the customer experience tenfold.