Most marketing services, whether it’s websites, SEO, or social media, are setup like an online service. They will work with anyone who pays their fees – even if that means they have two clients on the same street corner.

How can they “guarantee” the best results, the highest search engine ranking, the most effective social media posts for you if they’re also working with your competition across the street?

We do things a little differently at AgencyEvolved. When we sign up a client, we give them geographic exclusivity. We won’t work with another retail insurance agent within a particular geographic area of that client. What that area is varies depending on where the client is located. It might be a city, a county, a metropolitan area, or even multiple counties – whichever makes the most sense for both us and the client.

Why do we do this? We want our clients to be exclusive. We don’t want to tell one agency we’ll get them the best results and then walk across the street and tell the same thing to another agency.

Plus, we’re an outsourced marketing firm, not an internet service. We tailor what we do for each client – how your website looks, the products we market, the demographics we target, how we build your brand, the content we create, as well as social media posts are all tailored to each client.

This is not something you can “sign up for”. It’s a partnership between AgencyEvolved and our client and there’s only room for one such relationship in each market – however that market is defined.

P.S. – If any agents in Idaho, N. or S. Dakota, Wyoming or Montana would like a state-wide geographic exclusivity, we’d be open to talking.

About AgencyEvolved

AgencyEvolved is a comprehensive marketing service for the insurance industry. We help insurance professionals evolve by creating long-term growth and value through strategic marketing.

We work with insurance agencies, insurance wholesalers, insurance industry organizations, insurance companies, insurance networks and aggregators and other companies or organizations serving the insurance industry.

Smart marketing by people who know insurance.

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