Our Vision

AgencyEvolved was founded in 2014 with a vision to help transform insurance businesses nationwide, because it’s no longer about the insurance products; it’s about predicting and protecting the world around customers.

The world is changing fast, and organizations must change with it to unlock their full potential. When an organization changes their business model from being purely insurance to aligning with their purpose, we expertly guide them through that critical transformation so that they can build their new foundation holistically for long-term growth.

Moving away from a product-specific approach to a customer-focused approach requires empathy and a level of emotional intelligence. Having industry knowledge is vitally important, because you can’t transform without knowing the current state. But you also need to balance this with having experience outside the industry to ensure you encourage expansion.

We combine all our efforts together to drive the deep transformation that is needed from within to really improve the experience for your customers. 

Who We Are

Our Founder


James Moore

Jim received his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Kent State University and has spent the majority of his career working in the financial sector in Senior Sales and Marketing roles. He’s worked for insurance companies, founded an independent insurance agency, led a startup wholesale insurance operation as well as a number of internet startups. AgencyEvolved is the sixth startup Jim has founded or been involved in.

Along the way, Jim has specialized in the technology side of marketing: web development, email marketing, and copy writing with an eye for SEO and results.



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