Inspiration and Perspectives


Voice of the Customer

Client Review Generation Made Easy The idea of testimonials or endorsements has been around for nearly forever. Long before celebrity endorsements became popular on TV, they were used in radio and in print before that. The basic premise is to make someone...

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Marketing Services for Insurance Agencies

For the last three plus years, we've operated as a concierge, all-inclusive service helping insurance agencies with all aspects of their marketing. In order to expand our offerings and increase the number of agencies we are able to work with, we'll now be...

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Top Level Domains

Fairly recently, it was announced that .blog domain names were available. This joins the official list of 1,519 Top-Level Domains or TLDs. A top-domain at it's simplest is the last bit of a URL that follows the final period, .com being the most familiar. Other early...

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Google Chrome Marking Sites as Unsecure

Google recently announced that they will be flagging insecure sites starting in January 2017. At first blush, it sounds terrible for anyone without a secure (https) website. If you dig a little deeper however, it's not so bad. What most people have failed to point out...

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