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Web design and technology is ever changing. We like to say a website is never “done”, it’s a constantly evolving thing.

Here are some of the top characteristics of a modern insurance agency website:

1.) Responsive Design – This means that your website resizes itself automatically depending on the size of the screen its being viewed on. Responsive design eliminates the need of having a “mobile version” of your website, or even an app in most cases. All the websites we design are responsive so they look just as good on a mobile phone or tablet as it does on a PC or laptop.

2.) Design Elements – Cramming every possible bit of information on a page with multiple calls to action, flashy icons and images, silly little gimmicks, and banners is a thing of the past. Creating a minimal website design is NOT about cramming as much as you can on every single page. If anything, it’s completely the opposite. It’s about creating clarity and simplicity. Whilst being clean and minimal, your modern website design needs to be user-friendly and have all the functionality needed to help you increase conversions.

3.) Optimize for SEO, but don’t sacrifice readability or usability. There’s a fine line between cramming keywords onto a page and creating content that draws your prospect in and leads them to a purchase decision. The search engines have become quite adept at discerning the difference between well-written copy and keyword-stuffed nonsense. Create compelling content that highlights the purpose of the page, and don’t try to load too many keywords on any one page.

4.) SSL Certificates – The search engines reward websites that are encrypted. An encrypted website uses the https prefix. All of our sites automatically come with SSL encryption.

5.) Give your viewers what they want. They probably didn’t come to your website for a scholarly dissertation on workers compensation insurance. They most likely want to either find your contact information quickly, know how to pay a bill or file a claim, and learn more about your company and products. Your website should make that as easy as possible for them to do.

We’re proud of the custom website we build for our clients. We spend time with our clients to learn about their agency, who their target demographic is, what their community is like, who their competitors are, and what their goals are. Then, we apply these principals and research to develop and design a professional and beautiful website that is unique to their business.

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