Despite our best intentions, the sad truth is that for most of our clients we only talk to them when money is involved. Think about the times you have interactions with your clients:

  • Initial Purchase – They’re giving you money
  • Renewal – They’re giving you money
  • Claim – You’re giving them money
  • Policy Change – Someone’s probably giving someone money

Even the friendly “annual review” is seen by most clients as “let me see if I can get more money from you”. And if your client is in your office, they’re probably making a payment or reporting a claim.

Maybe slightly better would be birthday or holiday cards and emails, but frankly our clients know that all that means is they are on a list somewhere.

So, how can you create non-money interactions that are on the client’s own terms? Social Media.

A client chooses to “like” your Facebook page or “follow” you on LinkedIn. They choose when they read their timelines and newsfeeds and they choose which posts they click on and read.

If your social media channels are filled with timely information, helpful hints and items of local interest, then your clients will click on your posts and they will like your pictures and comment on your updates.

That’s communication on the client’s own terms – and not a dollar was to be found.

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