We named our company AgencyEvolved because that is the hope we have for all our clients, that you will evolve into a fully functional sales AND marketing organization.

Most insurance agencies have the sales part down, you wouldn’t still be in business if you didn’t. It’s the marketing and branding piece that often gets neglected. Some will say that sales campaigns ARE marketing, and while we can’t argue with that, we take a more complete, wholistic view of marketing.

Marketing vs Branding

We get asked a lot what the difference is between marketing and branding, and the truth is, there is no difference unless you’re looking for an academic argument. Some will say marketing is the strategic activities that are done to drive sales and branding is taste that’s left in the client’s mouth after the sale is concluded (successfully or not). We believe marketing encompasses so much more, and it’s about more than sales. Yes, sales are important. But so image. So are employee relations and vendor relations. And carrier relations. The need for marketing, or branding, is not driven solely by sales. Every agency owner we’ve talked to is concerned about the image of their agency. That’s their brand, and it’s driven by integrity, honesty, excellent customer service and yes, marketing.

It’s Time to Evolve

Consumers are more savvy than ever. They have more options available to them than at any point in history. They have access to more information. They WANT to see that you have a complete brand, that your marketing is targeted toward them. That you’re thinking about them more than just as a sale. It’s time to Evolve from more than just a sales organization and become a complete sales AND marketing organization.

We can help.

About AgencyEvolved

AgencyEvolved is an outsourced marketing firm, dedicated to insurance agents and brokers. Founded by two insurance industry veterans, our mission is to help insurance agencies evolve by creating long-term growth and value through strategic marketing.