Google recently announced that they will be flagging insecure sites starting in January 2017. At first blush, it sounds terrible for anyone without a secure (https) website. If you dig a little deeper however, it’s not so bad.

What most people have failed to point out is that Google will only flag websites that have a password or credit card field. If your website is not an ecommerce site, then chances are you aren’t asking for this information.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having an SSL certificate for your website, but it adds an order of magnitude of expense and complexity to your website hosting.

This is one of the reasons we don’t recommend having “Quote” forms that ask for personal information. If you have forms that ask for personal information then you should make sure your forms are secure (have a URL in https: format). Otherwise, you should consider removing those questions (or not having the form at all, but that’s a discussion for another article…)

One last thought, for a couple years now, Google has given a very slight search engine ranking to secure sites. Secure sites are definitely something we’re keeping an eye on. We have the capability to add SSL certificates to our client sites and if we need to, we have solutions.


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