Key Aspects of a good insurance agency website hosting service

Most companies give little thought to how their website is hosted. A website host is the company that provides the technologies and services needed for the website to be viewed in the Internet. Websites are hosted, or stored, on servers.

Here a few key things to look into when finding a reputable website hosting company.

1.) Physical Security – Good web hosts have extensive onsite physical security. These are not facilities you can just “wander” into.

2.) Cyber Security – A good web host has a carefully thought-out network architecture that protects the sites they host from hacking and other attempts to block their pages being served.

3.) Speed – It goes without saying that faster is always better when it comes to serving web pages. A good web host has invested in the latest technology when it comes to hard drives, memory, caching, network connectivity and the number of IPs that they serve from any one physical machine. “Cheap” hosts will cram as many sites onto a shared server as they can. A good host will balance the loads on their individual machines to make sure each site is delivered as quickly as possible.

4.) Developer tools – In general, it’s a good idea to stick with the host your web designer is familiar with, unless the web designer will not be doing updates. A good hosting company provides a number of “back-end” tools that make maintaining and securing your site easier for whoever is updating the site.

5.) SSL Certificates – Many hosts will provide these for free these days, and also provide tools to manage them. You can also purchase your own SSL certificates from a third party, but it’s beneficial if your hosting company has a relationship with the SSL provider and/or provides tools to integrate them.

6.) Power Management – Website hosting companies use an amazing amount of power, and they need to make sure that power is “clean” and is not easily interrupted. Many web hosts locate their physical machines in areas that are not prone to tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes for this reason.

At AgencyEvolved, we use a professional website hosting company that utilizes the latest in hardware and software and also has all the above features as far as safety, security, speed and control.

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