Someone is always willing to sell you a new piece of technology to make your sales or marketing more efficient. Don’t get us wrong, we love technology. We’re what’s deemed an “early adopter”. We’ll try out a shiny new piece of hardware, a software program or the latest app at the drop of a hat. We love technology.

Still, effective sales and marketing has never been about the technology. Everything you have access to, your competitors have, and have always have had, access to.

Effective sales and marketing are not about an arms race to who can buy the latest and greatest technology. It never has been.

 An old-school example

We work with a lot of insurance agents. Many of them seem to be in search of the holy grail of list brokers that will bring them the perfect list of prospects just dying to buy their products. Guess what? It doesn’t exist. Want to know what the difference is between a great list and a mediocre list? Here’s a hint, it has NOTHING to do with the list. It’s all about who’s WORKING the list. Always has been. Save your money on lists and hire a great telemarketer and turn them loose with the white/yellow pages (or today, Google.) Make sure that telemarketer LOVES what they do, are effectively trained in your products and knows how to close a deal. That’s how you use a list effectively.

A Not So Old School Example

Many people have been sold a bill of goods that their future success rests solely on Search Engine Optimization. Give them a chunk of money and they’ll redo your website and make hordes of eager buyers flock to your website. Guess what? Google is constantly changing their algorithms to try to thwart these people from gaming the system. Want to know what Google is looking for? A well-designed, well-run site for a real business, regularly updated with relevant information and has some social proof that it is legit (links from other legit sites, social media mentions, etc.). There is no holy grail of SEO. It’s all about creating and maintaining a high quality, content-rich website.

The Technology is Practically Lying on the Ground

Software and apps keep getting cheaper and cheaper, while getting better and better. There are plenty of mass email marketing companies that offer FREE accounts (sometimes for as many as 2,500 subscribers to your list!). The two best website generation programs (WordPress and Joomla) are FREE. Quality website/email hosting can be had for less than $10 month. Most agency management systems now offer data-mining capabilities to allow you to extract quality leads, FROM YOUR OWN SYSTEMS. Carriers offer marketing programs that few agencies take advantage of – FOR FREE.

 So What’s the Problem?

Insurance agencies are SALES organizations. Every employee is trained, some better than others, to drive SALES. Few agencies are in a position to have a dedicated staff person to take care of marketing. Good marketers are expensive. Their efforts rarely pay off over weeks, more like months or years.

What’s needed isn’t more technology, it’s the bandwidth to have someone on staff that can take advantage of all the technology that is available and make it work for your agency.

Your agency needs to Evolve into a sales AND marketing organization.

AgencyEvolved can help transform your agency.


About AgencyEvolved

AgencyEvolved is a full service outsourced marketing firm, dedicated to insurance agents and brokers. Founded by two insurance industry veterans, our mission is to help insurance agencies evolve by creating long-term growth and value through strategic marketing.