Beyonce, like most mainstream artists, is a marketing machine. Popular artists have always been great marketers. With the help of the record labels, they create multi-faceted marketing campaigns for the release of each album; carefully coordinated campaigns involving radio, TV, magazines, press releases, billboards, you name it.

But that’s not what you can learn from Beyonce. What you can learn from Beyonce is what she did with her last album release. How did she market the release of her last album? She posted the word “Surprise” on her Instagram account and then directed people to download the full album on iTunes.

Did it work? You bet. She sold 365,000 copies of her new album in the first week (that’s a TON by todays standards, by the way).

So, does that mean you can just post something and expect the masses to pour in and buy your product? No, it doesn’t. Beyonce spent years fostering and nurturing her Instagram and social media sites. She has 8 Million followers on Instagram.

What it does mean is: If you are engaged with your audience, if you reach out to them on a consistent basis, if you engage them when you’re NOT trying to sell them something, then when the time comes to offer them something they need or want, they will be there waiting for you to sell to them.

Engaging your client base isn’t something you do once a year at renewal time. It’s not an annual or bi-annual “discount double check”. It’s certainly not selling them an insurance policy and then letting it auto-renew forever.

Truly engaging your client base is an on-going, never ending commitment. It’s posting timely content on a daily or weekly basis. Content that sometimes has nothing to do with insurance, and everything to do with the things THEY care about. Do these things and when the time comes to sell, they won’t mind it one little bit.

Are your clients and prospects engaged? Do you need help with that? We are AgencyEvolved. Engaging clients and prospects is what we do. We can help.

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