We recently came across an article by Eric Hotzlaw on Inc.com called “Power of Consistency: 5 Rules”. His 5 rules are:

1.) Consistency allows for measurement

2.) Consistency creates accountability

3.) Consistency Establishes your Reputation

4.) Consistency makes you relevant

5.) Consistency maintains your message

It’s a very short article and we highly recommend you read it . There’s really nothing we could have said better.

We frequently see the “seminar effect” in agency social media efforts. The principal goes off to a seminar and one of the sessions is about the importance of social media. They come back all fired up and suddenly the agency’s Facebook page has 3 posts a day for a couple of weeks and then, nothing.

You don’t need 3 posts a day but you do need to be consistent. Consumers want to know you are reliable. Having a consistent schedule to your blast emails, blog articles and social media posts is one of the ways they are going to determine that. Client’s want to see that you are consistent and reliable with your outreach marketing. It shows you care about your business and are committed to reaching out to your clients.

If you don’t have to time, energy or the manpower to be consistent, perhaps you should consider outsourcing your marketing. AgencyEvolved is a marketing firm owned and run by insurance industry professionals. We can help.


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