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Top Level Domains

Fairly recently, it was announced that .blog domain names were available. This joins the official list of 1,519 Top-Level Domains or TLDs. A top-domain at it's simplest is the last bit of a URL that follows the final period, .com being the most familiar. Other early...

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Google Chrome Marking Sites as Unsecure

Google recently announced that they will be flagging insecure sites starting in January 2017. At first blush, it sounds terrible for anyone without a secure (https) website. If you dig a little deeper however, it's not so bad. What most people have failed to point out...

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Advertising Online

Mass marketing has changed considerably since the 1950's. It used to be only national brands could afford to use national media: TV, large market newspapers, magazines and other publications. These were great tools for a company trying to reach a nationwide audience....

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It’s Not What You Know, But Who Knows You

"It's not what you know, it's who you know." How many times have you heard this? It's been around forever too (some people attribute it to Abraham Lincoln, but no one seems to be sure...). There's no doubt there's some validity to this saying (I'm sure we all have our...

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Prospecting with LinkedIn

Occasionally a client will ask if they need to pay for a subscription to LinkedIn to use it effectively. The answer is simply: no. The one exception would be if you are a recruiter or HR personnel, then a paid subscription probably makes sense. The one simple thing to...

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